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Diving in the Florida Keys

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Diving in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys offer some of the best diving in the world. There are barrier coral reef habitats as well as shallow patch reefs to explore. Keys waters are home to hundreds of modern and ancient ship wrecks. Divers also hunt fish and lobsters.

I am sure that you are aware of the old cliché "This page is a work in progress." This is unquestionably true here. At this point I have information on only one dive site, the wreck of the USS Sturtevant (DD-240) a US Destroyer that was a casualty of the Key West minefield.

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The Conch Republic is a truly unique place for visitors to experience the joys of the ocean. There are mangrove habitats that can be explored by kayak or canoe. There fishing opportunities that range from catching monster fish from the deep sea to stalking elusive tarpon on the back country flats. We have excellent weather for sailing and cruising. Destinations range from the excitement of Key West to the privacy of secluded coves far from the maddening crowd. Our sunsets are said to be the most beautiful on the planet.