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Web Design and Development

Designing a compelling Web page that draws people in and tells a story takes an array of talents. The page has to look good and that requires an artistic eye. There should be good information that is presented well and that takes a knack for creative writing.

If a Web site has more than a single page of information, it needs to be designed so that users can find what they are looking for quickly and intuitively. These days people don't want to wait on a page to load or search through a mountain of information to find a nugget of gold.

Moreover, a Web page should provide a setting that immediately lets the user know what to expect. A Web site for a thriller movie will have a different mood than one that sells hot sauces. A page for a politician should have a different character than one for a fishing guide. One for a fine dining establishment will have a far different ambiance than a Web page for a hot dog stand.

In this day and age it isn't all that difficult to create a Web page. All you need to do is sit down with a modern word processer or Web development tool and in a few hours your Web page can be done.

One of the big issues is that these software tools need to create all of these kinds of Web sites, and all too often the pages are bloated and run slowly. This discourages people from

Another issue is finding the time to work on a Web page. There is too much to do and creating or maintaining a Web page is one of the things that is extremely easy to put off until later.

Moreover, many people do not make the effort to stand back and look at the page from the perspective of the user. Good information may be available, but it is hard to find.