Honest Abe

Elect Abraham Lincoln to the Illinois House of Representatives

Political Beliefs

When elected to the Illinois House of Representatives, I will work tirelessly to improve our state and the nation. I vow to continue to put the value of common good before my own self interests. I am a Whig and I will support the values for which the Whigs stand.

  • I am dedicated to economic modernization
    • I will promote banking, railroads and the urbanization of Illinois.
    • I vow to improve navigation on the waters of Illinois to promote commerce.
  • Illinois should be a "Free Soil" state.
    • Slavery was founded on both injustice and bad policy
    • The promulgation of abolition doctrines tends rather to increase than abate the evils of Slavery
  • I believe that suffrage should be open to all white males regardless of land ownership