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Honest Abe for House

Abraham Lincoln started in politics at an early age. In the 1830s he ran for a seat in the Illinois House of Representatives several times and won. He was a modernist and would have been an early adopter of the use of the Web to win elections.

This page is educational and designed to enlighten users about Honest Abe and his positions so they can make an informed decision. The branding of the run for office is a bit unusual. The colors aren't the reds and blues on a white background that most candidates use. The logo uses an image that has the feel of an engraving from perhaps a older five dollar bill.

The modern candidate will want to have a far different ambiance but my goal in creating this site was to present seven pages of information in a straightforward style that seeks to enlighten voters. A different look and feel can be created that is more contemporary, but still retain the instructive aspect.

By the way, the image came from the 1-cent stamp issued in 1959. Using Honest Abe as an example Web page presented some problems graphically. The major issue was one of how photography has changed in the last hundred years or so. At that time photographs were considered the modern technology equivalent of a painted portrait. People got dressed in their best attire and had to stand stock still for each photograph.

Modern times have brought us digital photography and therefore images of the candidates can be much more appealing. Many of the images on a candidates Web site probably should still have the feel of formal portraits, but others can show the candidate enjoying a political discussion with a group of interested citizens, for instance.