Web Design and Development

A dynamic Web page

The KR4AH Home Page

This is my own space on the Web and I am constantly playing with it and it is often a mess. However, one thing to notice is that the header of the page changes each time you load it. The three images across the top of the site are different each time, the welcome message changes and the footer message changes.

Why KR4AH? Well, that's my Amateur Radio call sign. I feel no shame about being a geek who plays with electronics and computers. I often travel well offshore beyond the range of cell phones and ham radio gives me a chance to stay connected with friends and family. So, when I went to get a Web domain, I decided that using my amateur radio callsign would be a good idea.

Why make the page dynamic? For one reason, it makes it look as though I am constantly at work making changes and improving the site even though I may be off sailing somewhere. More importantly, it is a way of giving out a lot of information in short digestible chunks. The footer message can be a whole book of philosophy that is presented as one short paragraph at a time. Few people might read the book, but a few will read it a morsel at a time.